About the Team


Terrence Youk began work in film and television in 1985, first as a composer and later writing, producing, directing and editing independent documentaries, educational films, and multimedia presentations. He is the owner of Brook Hollow Productions, Inc. based in Vermont. He has produced nationally acclaimed programs for PBS, A&E, National Geographic and the Wisdom Channel as well as films crafted for nonprofit organizations.

The Madison Deane Initiative was created in 1997 to educate the general public and medical professionals about quality care at the end of life & is under the auspices of the VNA of Chittenden and Grand Isle counties, Vermont.

The film was made possible by generous grants from:
The JL Foundation (2002) &
Elizabeth Youk (2016)

Produced, Directed & Edited by

Terrence Youk

Assistant Editor (2003)

Camilla Rockwell

Director of Photography

John Maher

Additional Camera

Peter Kent

Ken Butler

Eric McMaster


Jeff Hayash

John Hawkes 

Production Coordination

Terrence Youk - (2016)

Cindy Bruzzese - (2002)

Sharon Keegan - (2002)

Pamela MacPherson - (2002)