Subscription - Pioneers of Hospice Film  **(Normally $79.95 - Currently on HOLD)

Subscription - Pioneers of Hospice Film **(Normally $79.95 - Currently on HOLD)

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**CURRENTLY ON HOLD - We will need to reach 100 subscriptions before it makes sense for us to provide this option. If you do have interest, let us know by email and we will contact you once we reach 100 subscriptions.

In the meantime, you can order the USB Hi-Def version and when the subscription version comes online, we will credit your purchase towards the subscription service.

Subscription license: Includes USB Flash Drive featuring an HD quality version of the film. This version can be plugged directly into the USB port of most TV monitors, projectors and computers for direct playback at HD quality.

Also includes access to Video-On-Demand streaming through our subscription portal on the website, intended for off-premises viewing by staff and volunteer trainees. This license helps to free up facility and staff time allowing more discussion time after trainees have viewed the film at home. (access via password or time sensitive protected link)

License Details: Pioneers of Hospice offers an excellent introduction for staff and volunteer training courses. Providing the context, history and challenges pioneers in the the field faced while shaping hospice as we know it today. We’ve designed this license to allow you to use the USB or home screening via streaming for in-house screenings for your organization only. Not intended for public or commercial screenings (fund raising, broadcast... etc.) Public or commercial licenses are available, please contact us for more information.